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The REALTORS® of Yaletown. Vancouver's elite Real Estate agents have experience you can trust.



Elevate your buying or selling experience with one of Elio Yaletown’s featured real estate agents. When you’re choosing your new home, a REALTOR® that understands Yaletown can make all the difference. An experienced agent knows the history of the building, can give you the inside scoop on the neighbourhood, and might even be able to introduce you to your new neighbours. 


Award-winning REALTOR® Nels Agerbo will guide you through the home buying and selling experience. Nels has lived and worked in Yaletown for over ten years and has a long list of happy clients that can speak to his expert service and care.


Contact Nels for unrivalled knowledge of the local market and to leverage his discretion, creative thinking, and commitment to quality.

Nels was wonderful to work with. He understood my needs and the immediacy of my situation. He also never gave up on the situation. I appreciated his advice on the offer process. It was really great working with him to find my new home.

-Donna Mah